Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wiley Wifey

Wiley Wifey (Part 1)
Today were blogging about one beautiful soul, Wiley Wifey which is Jordan (striped dress) This beautiful young lady and I have know of eachother pretty much since we were 17 years old but never built a friendship until I received a phone call 100 days until she became Mrs. Wiley. That phone call was what led me to become not only a wedding planner for them, but a friend, and then her Maid of Honor Lacey called to have me design their shower for Jordan. Part 1 of Wiley Wifey is all about this beautiful glam bridal shower that took place in Ormond Beach, FL at the residents of Lacey family, with these beautiful marble floors :) I was gushing over them. Lacey wanted the theme to be glam, beautiful, pretty, pearls, and touches of The Great Gatsby. Basically, in her words "Everything Jordan" with me getting to know Jordan over the several weeks I felt like I knew what she was thinking before she said anything. We used ivory linens with touches of baby pink and blush in he chair sashes and the flowers. I had baby roses, hydrangeas, and baby breath which Jordan loved. We had a fun photo booth section and champagne to go along with our "Drink Champagne and Dance of the Tables" sign. The bride joined us for a brunch where we snacked on yummy fruit, donuts, and more. Pictures of this event are over in the tab labeled WEDDINGS...stay tuned for Wiley Wifey Part 2.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Today marks the official first day of the brand new blog/site. On this page (Home) is going to be strictly the blog about Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, and Wedding Tips. On the Wedding Tab above is where your going to find the blog about the weddings or events we've done.
Upcoming on the site, is new tutorial steps on how I do my messy curly hair, stress free wedding tips, and more more more. 

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 Outfits

Happy Tuesday to everyone! Yes I know I am not on my blogging schedule which is by the way changing for 2015. Thought I would show you what I've been wearing in 2015. Enjoy! I will try and link items  most questions I have received on other social media sites.
xoxo Y
Coach bag Keith got me cause he loves me, was going to link it but its not on the Coach site anymore :( must have sold out of it SORRY!
Phone case is from AT&T for the Iphone 6
The flower print blouse is from Moxie Vintage
This outfit got a lot of questions!
1)Top knot no I don't have a how to video its random when it looks this good.
2) Coat is my Kim K coat that Keith's parents got me for Christmas, its a hint to come back to NYC!
3)Rustic White Jeans from Old Navy
Black and White dress tunic is from Windsor Store
You can purchase by clicking Here
Black and White open sweater is from Forever21 no link available :(
This leopard cardigan is from Windsor Store
You can purchase by clicking Here
This outfit was loved by many.
1) The sequin jacket my mom got me for Christmas I am OBSESSED with it. You can purchase yours on a super sale right now by clicking Here
2) The Blush Tunic is from Forever 21