Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall Wishlist 2014

It's time to gear up and get your pumpkin spice latte && super cute boots out I hear FALL is about to fit us on September 22nd. Below you will see some items I am gushing over hint hint (Keith) I need these items haha.
Necessary Clothing
Forever 21
Charlotte Russe
Ann Taylor Loft
Wet Seal
Soho Girl
Farmer's Skinny Jeans Overalls in Light BlueGarden of Eve Palazzo Pants in Red'DOPE' Bandana Print Tee in White No 5 Sheer Jersey with Leather Sleeves in BlackTwo Tiered Acid Wash Skater Dress in Dark BlueAmerican Flag Beach Bag
Old Navy
Women's Blondie™ Women's Graphic Slub-Knit TeesWomen's Scoop-Neck Graphic TeesWomen's The Diva Gray-Wash Skinny Jeans



Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wedding Love

Today on Wedding Love were discussing the Unity at a wedding. The traditional unity between God, Man, & Woman was to light a Unity Candle, but now days there are all sorts of ways to express the unity between the two of you and your religion.
I am going to show you the new ways and express which ones I am loving at the moment.
Unity 1: The Sand- I love this one when its done in a Picture Frame with a picture of you or monogram. Looks nice displayed in your house. You traditionally use the two main colors in your wedding and some do one more color for the Pastor to pour as well.
Create a life-long keepsake of your wedding ceremony with this personalized unity sand ceremony shadow box set. This unique alternative to traditional unity candle or sand ceremony sets boasts contemporary design to be displayed at home as a reminder of the sacred vows husband and wife shared on their wedding day.Double Hinged Sand Ceremony Frame with FREE Personalization, Unity Frame, Custom Wedding Decor Set
Unity 2: Cords/Ropes- This is super new to the unity world. It is 3 cords/ropes one for Man, one for Woman, and one you do together to symbolize God. You Intertwine them together.  I love the meaning behind this and how it will look hanging on your wall as a constant reminder of the unity between you.
God's knot. "And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a three-fold cord is not quickly broken." (Ecclesiastes 4:10) The couple will braid three different colored strands together to symbolize the unity of God, husband, and wife.
Unity 3: Plant it- This one hasn't made it MAJOR yet, but I like this one in a way to show a fresh new beginning between the two of you. Only downfall if it dies than those emotional women/brides will than say our marriage will die. So mixed feelings.
Cool Take on the Unity Candle/Sand Pouring: Taking Soil From the Parents' Homes and Planting a Tree w/ ItInstead of a unity candle, the couple planted an oak tree together. “Since our wedding vows were said under the branches of a beautiful old oak tree, we found it only fitting to plant an oak sapling to signify our new beginning as husband and wife. James planted it in a galvanized bucket and I watered it as part of our wedding ceremony; it was later re-planted permanently at my family farm." Photo: Emily Steffen
Unity 4: Traditional Candle- I'm sure you have all seen this a million times. If your a traditional bride and groom this one will have the most meaning to you.
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at the warmth of a jet set, island vacation to your hometown wedding with our Beach Wedding Floating Unity Candles. Engraved with two custom lines at no additional cost to you, this divine unity candle and vase set features a classic look and delicate, starfish design that will add appeal to every wedding ceremony celebration.
Unity 5: Build a Cross- This is probably my favorite one I have seen recently where the bride and groom build a cross together in front of everyone to show their faith. I feel like this is an impact on you, your husband, your faith, and emotions.
Unity cross at Christian wedding ceremony. instead of the candle? i kinda like this a lot...Platinum & Pearl White Unity Cross. Available at A new unique idea to make your wedding ceremony more special and personal.
Unity 6: Would be the jumping over the broom stick, stomping on the glass, and other religious takes on what your religions traditions are.
Which Unity will you be doing on your wedding? I would love to hear about it in the comments below and if you need any of the items above please email Style by Yvonne by clicking Here
Thank you xoxo Y

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Homecoming 2014!

Homecoming is right around the corner in Florida since the school year started a week and a half ago. I remember when I was in High School the homecoming game and dance were something I looked forward too. All the festivities leading up to the big game and dance plus waiting for that special guy to ask you to be his date How fun! When I attended school the trend for homecoming was shorter dresses and sexy features to it. Now a-days dresses come in all different styles, colors, and lengths. I am so loving the t-length now that hits mid calf so vintage and chic looking. I think one year to homecoming I wore a sequin strapless long baby pink colored dress and it was pretty.
I have teamed up with DressV to feature my take on trends, style, and price on this years super cute homecoming dresses for 2014. Grab your popcorn, notepad, and get ready for a fun selection of dresses.
First up, were discussing the Midi (t-length) style dresses. These are perfect for all body types and generally offer more coverage then others.
(Left to Right/ Top row to bottom Row)
Dress 1: Comes in tons of colors $93.99 Here
Dress 2:  Love the contrast of the mid section and straps a different color $94.99 Here
Dress 3: The High Low look is not dread & this color is CHIC $78.99 Here
Dress 4: What a little bling in your life? Try this $96.99 Here SUPPLIES Custom Attractive Strapless Ruched Tassel  Column Mini-length Prom/Homecoming Dress Short Prom Dresses
Now were onto Drama dresses which is for the girl who is Fashion forward, sets trends, or just wants to stand out from the norm.
(Left to Right/ Top row to bottom Row)
Dress 1: This one will be a Homecoming Queens Dream $142.99 Here
Dress 2:  Cant go wrong with this Lilac Color $86.99 Here
Dress 3: Can I please get in every color $121.99 Here
Dress 4: Stunning Rosette $157.99 Here
Third type of dress is the Long dress. This is for the girl who is super confident, stands out, doesn't care about the Fashion Rules, and wants to look glam.
(Left to Right/ Top row to bottom Row)
Dress 1: Totally fun and sexy $118.99 Here
Dress 2:  The back is gorgeous $114.99 Here
Please check out DressV for all the latest in Wedding Attire, Special Occasions, and Prom & Homecoming. They have all different sizes, styles, and price ranges to fit all your Homecoming 2014 needs. Hope you enjoyed todays segment on Style by Yvonne
xoxo Y