Sunday, April 12, 2015

Flavor of the moment

Today's blog post is all about the Flavor of the Moment, which is about how I have redone my closet lately into Blush, Pink, Ivory, Cream, White, Tan, Grey, Black, and neutral colors. I am loving the fact that this is happening. It is so easy for me to get up and go and have somewhat of a put together look. Thanks to the Kardashians for inspiring me to be in love with neutrals. Its beautiful. Below you will see my favorites this week from Forever 21.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Curly Hair

I have gotten a million and one questions on how I have gotten my hair to look so good.
A lot of it is a huge thank you to my amazing and talented hair stylist Sarah Horn, who has worked on my hair for years but recently we have found the right color combo that works for me. I think it has to do with the way I curl it and the products I use.
It's so funny about two weeks ago Kim Kardashain released a hair routine and mine is similar lol.
Day 1: Wash her and air dry
Day 2: Use a heat treatment spray I love the Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray and straighten my hair
Image result for tresemme heat protectant
Day 3: I comb out my hair and use Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
I literally spray in the palm of my hand and work this on the bottom of my hair before I use the 3 tools below. I mix it up on different strands of hair to get the perfect look.

Once I have finished curling my hair with the 3 wands above I spray some Kardashian Beauty Hair Spray
Day 4: Consist of touching up the waves with is whenever everyone loves it.
Day 5: This is the last day before you wash it again, so it is a slick back pony or top knot

So, basically that is my 5 day hair routine, below is a glimpse of the different looks for the week, as you can see in the red scarf I am hiding most of my hair due to that was the air dry day and I curled a few pieces in the front to give it body.  Thanks for stopping by
xoxox Y

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wiley Wifey

Wiley Wifey (Part 1)
Today were blogging about one beautiful soul, Wiley Wifey which is Jordan (striped dress) This beautiful young lady and I have know of eachother pretty much since we were 17 years old but never built a friendship until I received a phone call 100 days until she became Mrs. Wiley. That phone call was what led me to become not only a wedding planner for them, but a friend, and then her Maid of Honor Lacey called to have me design their shower for Jordan. Part 1 of Wiley Wifey is all about this beautiful glam bridal shower that took place in Ormond Beach, FL at the residents of Lacey family, with these beautiful marble floors :) I was gushing over them. Lacey wanted the theme to be glam, beautiful, pretty, pearls, and touches of The Great Gatsby. Basically, in her words "Everything Jordan" with me getting to know Jordan over the several weeks I felt like I knew what she was thinking before she said anything. We used ivory linens with touches of baby pink and blush in he chair sashes and the flowers. I had baby roses, hydrangeas, and baby breath which Jordan loved. We had a fun photo booth section and champagne to go along with our "Drink Champagne and Dance of the Tables" sign. The bride joined us for a brunch where we snacked on yummy fruit, donuts, and more. Pictures of this event are over in the tab labeled WEDDINGS...stay tuned for Wiley Wifey Part 2.
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